A standardized test that measures business competencies, is easy to administer and cost effective enterprise-wide.
Assessing the scope of your enterprise’s Business English communication challenges may seem like a daunting task.
Patience is a virtue, but sometimes it’s nice to speed things up with GlobalEnglish Coach™.
Some of your employees may need or want to ramp up their Business English skills development—and we have a solution. GlobalEnglish Coach is a completely customized one-on-one experience that’s ideal for executives, senior managers, high potentials or anyone needing some extra help in your organization.
An invaluable tool for working in Business English: On your browser and mobile device
GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro™ gives subscribers the Business English support they need the very instant they need it to get their jobs done—in a meeting, before a presentation or on-the-go.
Finally there's an enterprise collaboration platform designed specifically for global organizations.
GlobalEnglish Bloom™ gives native and non-native English speaking-teams a secure venue in which to truly work together. Employees can collaborate on documents, turn to experts for help and share company-specific content. Empower your employees by enabling them to leverage both global and local expertise—and become more productive o
We relied on the research when creating GlobalEnglish Edge™.
GlobalEnglish Edge™ is the very best structured learning experience for developing Business English skills and our cloud-based solution provides Business English development in the context of real business situations. This popular corporate learning service can also be used for on-demand support of various professional tasks in English, including composing emails, gettin
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