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GlobalLearn understands that instructor-led training plays an essential role in improving enterprises’ training results. We offer the service of instructor-led training in many areas, in which focusing on the two major ones – English training and Skills training.
Blended Learning
Additional classroom training
GlobalLearn proposes the blended classroom training solution in which direct instruction by credible teachers and experienced learning consultants help learners:
Globalization and integration are prevailing trends in the world today, and all countries are making substantial efforts to keep pace with these emerging trends. Under such situation, language plays an essential role to link countries together, to facilitate trade and cultural exchange, and to help people all over the world communicate and cooperate with each other effectively.
The content development service now appears to be “nothing new” to any countries where e-Learning has been widely applied for a long time. In Vietnam, however, it is a rather new market not everyone gets used to. So, what is the content development?
Based on solid experience acquired in deploying such service packs and in Vietnamese market analysis and studies, to date GlobalLearn has been able to create optimal content development solutions at three levels: full-se
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