Saba Publisher
Rapid, programming-free content authoring.
Saba Publisher is a powerful content creation tool to help you share knowledge across your extended enterprise. Part of the Saba Learning Suite, Saba Publisher empowers instructional designers and subject-matter experts alike with its user-friendly interface, which allows nonprogrammers to quickly create professionally designed, media-rich content using drag-and-drop methods to incorporate existing text, media, and graphics. Consequently, you are able to:
  • Rapidly develop high-quality, high-value learning courses in-house
  • Accelerate knowledge sharing
  • Optimize content accuracy and control its consistency
Leverage engaging, interactive e-Learning content.
Saba Publisher, available in Standard and Professional Editions, gives you control over the entire content development and publishing cycle. Use Saba Publisher to:
  • Accelerate knowledge-sharing by empowering subject-matter experts to rapidly generate learning content themselves.
  • Leverage programming-free, drag-and-drop authoring and one-click publishing to standards-based content formats (AICC, SCORM) and delivery formats such as CD-ROM, smart phones, and tablets.
  • Create engaging experiences for learners through built-in simulation tools, and easily embed animations, images, video, and audio into courses.
  • Save time and money through collaborative content development, enabled by close integration with Saba Content Management.
  • Verify your learners' mastery and knowledge retention by leveraging Saba's extensive test-building capabilities.
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