Saba Learning - LMS Learning Management
Supercharge learning and development across your extended enterprise with Saba Learning.
Today's corporate learners are everywhere… and they come in all stripes. In-house employees and mobile workers. Partners, suppliers, and customers. Baby Boomers and Millennials. Casual learners and deep knowledge divers. They all need to be cultivated, developed, and retained. But you cannot do this effectively if you rely on disjointed learning systems and processes.
The core Learning Management System module of the Saba Learning Suite, Saba Learning, enables you to address the full spectrum of extended enterprise learning needs on a single, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade platform. With Saba Learning, you are able to:
  • Accelerate time-to-productivity by delivering seamless blended learning experiences combining instructor-led classroom training, self-paced eLearning, virtual classes, and more
  • Align learning with strategic business objectives through accountability and global visibility into learning activities
  • Create enterprise-wide efficiencies for learning and development
Engage and energize learners.
Saba Learning lets you deliver learning precisely when and where your learners need it, and in the ways they like to work. With Saba Learning, it is easy to:
  • Engage learners by making learning processes accessible through the applications they use every day, including email-based processes, Web portals, and enterprise applications.
  • Empower learners with easy visibility into all your knowledge assets, including courses and certifications, wikis, subject-matter experts, and more. The Saba Knowledge Center gives learners a single, intuitive self-help environment for matching learning needs to learning resources.
  • Save learner time and effort through streamlined, point-and-click course/program registration and easily understandable views of program requirements.
  • Optimize individual learner efforts through "My Success Plan," a personal single view for learners.
Make learning more efficient.
Saba Learning also simplifies life for learning administrators, empowering them to flexibly create and efficiently manage effective, multi-component blended learning programs. With Saba Learning, administrators leverage:
  • Robust support for both simple and complex learning programs across multiple owners, instructors, and groups of learners
  • Automated class creation and scheduling
  • Automated distribution of eLearning materials
  • Easy skills validation through Saba Learning's competency framework
  • Centralized reporting
Make learning more cost-effective.
Affordable for organizations of all sizes, Saba Learning helps lower the costs of learning, even as it empowers you to deliver superior learning results. Extensively and easily configurable, Saba Learning conforms to your needs without costly and time-consuming customization. And the learning efficiencies you create can lead to reduced operating costs, driving more money to the bottom line.
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